Friday, September 15


Another Friday. Therefore, more mindless, dance-y rock.

Drugscene calls Hollywood home and makes... well... mindless, dance-y rock. Did you already hear this music back in the '80s? Yes, you did. Were Drugscene listening to the Cure and Billy Idol in those days? I'd be willing to bet they were.

Some upcoming Drugscene shows >>>

Sep 20 10:00P/Club Moscow @ Boardners (Residency)/Hollywood, CA
Sep 27 10:00P/Club Moscow @ Boardners (Residency)/Hollywood, CA
Sep 29 10:00P/Hear Gallery - Club Cigarettes & Alcohol/Los Angeles, CA
Oct 14 10:00P/THE ROXY/Los Angeles, CA

[MP3] "Coronation"

[MP3] "Be My Dancer"

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