Friday, September 29


Yes, it's that time again. Hope you enjoy this month's mix (or at least some of it).

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01) The Pipettes/Guess Who Ran Away With the Milkman?
02) Prophet Omega/The Right Thing
03) Citizens Here and Abroad/Accelerator
04) The Sunshine Underground/Panic Attack
05) The Magic Numbers/Take a Chance
06) Nightmare of You/I Want to Be Buried in Your Backyard
07) The Research/I Bet if We Kissed
08) Hooray for Earth/Take Care
09) The Format/The First Single
10) Bjorn Norestig/Hello Inside
11) Pilot Speed/Barely Listening
12) Beck/Think I'm in Love
13) The Legends/Another Sunday
14) Can Joann/Indecision's Way
15) Mark Mallman/Death Wish
16) Nightmare of You/Dear Scene, I Wish I Were Deaf
17) The Veils/Under the Folding Branches
18) Pete Yorn/Splendid Isolation

19) Plajia/Sleeping
20) Superheroes/What's Going On?
21) Shiny Toy Guns/Starts as One
22) Levy/Mint


Anonymous said...

thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome mix, at least 8 of these tracks are serious stayers on my MP3Player and have led me to album purchases. Awesome!

molotov said...

Now these are some nice comments. Thank you for thanking me and supporting the artists. Win-win.