Wednesday, September 27


At just 22 years of age, Aaron Schroeder already has a bit of the wanderlust about him. For the moment, at least, he's cooling his jets in Washington State - albeit some 200+ miles southwest of that once white-hot musical mecca, Seattle.

Schroeder released his first full-length effort, Southern Heart in Western Skin, earlier this year. At nine songs and 29 minutes, it truly is the musical equivalent of a Southern gentleman - with no intention of overstaying its welcome or overtaxing your attention span. This is charmingly low-key folk-pop with just a touch of twang - which explains why Schroeder lists Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, the Mountain Goats, and Silver Jews as some of his artistic touchstones.

Southern Heart in Western Skin can be purchased for a mere $7 at PayPal and for $7.99 at both CD Baby and Amazon. And more music will be on the way shortly, as Mr. Schroeder is already hard at work on his next record. I look forward to sharing some tunes from that one with you just as soon they're available. In the meantime...

[MP3] "Antlers"

[MP3] "Dead Rabbits"


[MP3] "Sky Ain't Blue" [demo]

[MP3] "Streets of Fear" [demo]

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