Monday, September 18


I'm an absolute sucker for nostalgia; have been from the beginning (ha). But when it comes to unapologetically embracing the past, the NYC-by-way-of-the-UK band the Primms put me to shame.

For one thing, the lads have borrowed a certain affectation for substituting their band name for each of their own last names. Thus, the lead singer becomes Andy PRIMM; the drummer: Rob PRIMM, the guitarist: Gav PRIMM, and the bass player: Adam PRIMM. Clever, eh? Of course, some of you may be old enough to remember another group that implemented that little trick. Hint: rhymes with "Zamones."

As for their music, it seems that the Primms are determined to prove Santayana's famous saying false - for it seems that they both remember history (the history of rock 'n' roll, anyway) AND are condemned to repeat it. Or, at the very least, "compelled" to repeat it.

Just listen to the guitar riff and drum thump that open "Sacrifice" and you may find yourself reminded of a certain American band from the Pacific Northwest that made a great noise circa 1991. Hint: rhymes with "Zirvana." And the Primms' singer's semi-tortured croon on "Do You Know the Future?" may or may not put you in mind of another singer (Brian... um... "Zolko") and his band (er... "Zlacebo"). (Okay, that one doesn't work. At all. So screw it. Brian MOLKO. Of PLACEBO. There. The cat's out of the bag. But curiosity killed the cat. And imitation is the highest form of flattery. So let's cut the Primms some fair share of slack, shall we? Even the Zamones and Zirvana had their influences.)

Call me a casualty of cloudcuckooland, but I like these guys just fine. I envy them their youth. Their energy. Their obvious love and respect for their elders. And they're young'uns yet, so the best, it's safe to say, is yet to come.

You can catch the Primms' live show at any of the following times and places...

Sep 21 9:30P/Pianos -- residency/New York, NY
Sep 23 11:45P/The Middle East/Boston, MA
Sep 28 9:30P/Pianos -- residency/New York, NY
Sep 30 4:00P/Rusty Rudder (Acoustic Afternoon Performance) -- DBMC/Dewey Beach, DE
Sep 30 11:00P/Rusty Rudder -- Dewey Beach Music Conference/Dewey Beach, DE
Nov 3 9:00P/CMJ Showcase/New York, NY

[MP3] "Sacrifice"

[MP3] "Do You Know the Future?"

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