Friday, September 29


Despite saddling themselves with a name that suggests some sort of unholy Al Gore/Robert F. Kennedy Jr.-led oompa band, Hooray for Earth really just want to... you know... rock you. Granted, they want to do it from odd angles and in between showings of Jackass #2, but don't underestimate their ability to simultaneously charm your pants off and pummel you stupid with their music-making.

These four guys from Boston just unleashed their self-titled debut on an unsuspecting populace, and they describe its sound thusly: "Blur, Nirvana, and Enya breaking things at a video arcade in hell." Another reviewer put it slightly differently, pegging the band as "the missing link between the Magnetic Fields and Andrew W.K.." Okilee-dokilee then... that clears THAT up.

Actually, the Nirvana/Andrew W.K. comparisons might not be entirely inappropriate. Opening track "Simple Plan" offers up a handy-dandy blueprint - thrashing drums, guitars so crunchy and distorted they sound as though they've been filtered through a wood chipper, lead singer Noel Heroux's sometimes-droning/sometimes-striving vocals (also distorted, Starflyer 59-style), and, perhaps the group's secret weapon, synthesizer lines so succulent they'll remind you of boobs. And bubblegum. And summer. And boobs and bubblegum in summer.

So, with all apologies to Enya, let's call this "grunge-pop." At its best, it's catchy, anthemic, and just plain fun - the musical equivalent of jamming a firecracker in your best friend's ass-crack just to see what happens.

Hooray for Earth's debut CD can be purchased on iTunes or right [here].

Hooray for Earth on MySpace. Hooray for Earth at a venue near you...

Sep 30 7:30P/Harpoon Octoberfest/Boston, MA
Oct 3 8:00P/NYC Cd Release @ The Annex/New York, NY
Oct 11 9:00P/TT The Bears/Cambridge, MA
Nov 9 8:00P/Lit Lounge/New York, NY
Nov 10 8:00P/AS220/Providence, RI
Dec 15 9:00P/El 'N' gee/New London, CT
Dec 16 8:00P/The Plan @ Great Scott/Allston, MA

[MP3] "Simple Plan"

[MP3] "Heartbeat"

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