Wednesday, September 13


The Clock Work Army is a trio from San Diego. They have an EP out now on Banter Records called A Catalyst for Change. You can purchase it through their MySpace page.

"The Day We Woke Up Without Mouths" may be one of the band's "poppier" songs, what with its "cute," skittering synthesizer line and handclappy background. But don't be fooled; there's danger here - especially as perpetuated by lead singer Emily Neveu. She's that scary aunt you had with the wild, bird's nest hair, the killer-clown lipstick, and the unfiltered cigarette forever perched between fingers and lips. She's the aunt you prayed would never be asked to babysit you, because you just KNEW that her soothing lullabies would inevitably turn into bitter, gin-fueled freakouts. And if she wanted to play the "Got Your Nose!" game with you, you'd damn well better have the number of a good plastic surgeon on speed-dial.

Feel free to check out The Clock Work Army's MySpace page. But be forewarned: Auntie's hemorrhoids have been itching something awful lately, and she'd like to tell you all about it....

[MP3] "The Day We Woke Up Without Mouths"

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