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Pilot Speed is the new name for the band formerly known as Pilate. They're already a fairly big thing in their native Canada (though lead singer Todd Clark is originally from New Zealand), having released an EP (For All That's Given, Wasted) in 2001 and their first album (Caught By the Window) in 2003.

When they were still going by the name Pilate, the group released their second full-length, Self Control for Life's Speed, earlier this year. Now, to match their new moniker, they've re-titled the album (Into the West) for an imminent American release. Look for it on iTunes this Tuesday, and in stores (as near as I can tell) on October 3.

As for Pilot Speed's sound... we can start by saying that singer Clark often sounds like a dead ringer for Remy Zero's Cinjun Tate. In fact, Into the West's almost-too-delicate "Alright" recalls that band's contribution to the Garden State soundtrack, "Fair." If I have any criticism of Pilot Speed and their new album, it's that the proceedings are perhaps a bit too staid - a bit too tame. Only a few of the tracks serve to pick up the pace (including standout single "Barely Listening"); the rest of them - though impeccably executed - tend to recede into the background a bit.

Still, there's no shame in producing a very solid and very pretty record - Coldplay have pretty much made a career of it. And you shouldn't be surprised in the least to hear a Pilot Speed song on an upcoming episode of the OC (or on the next Zach Braff movie soundtrack).

Pilot Speed have the following shows upcoming. They'll also apparently be touring the U.S. later in the year, so check out their MySpace page for further details on that.

Sep 22 8:00P/Grant MacEwan Community College/Edmonton, AB
Sep 23 8:00P/University of Victoria/Victoria, BC

[MP3] "Barely Listening"

[MP3] "Knife-Grey Sea"

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Anonymous said...

heard the track "alright" and i was hooked, bought the album "into the west" very polished. I love "dont stare" I'm sure will will hear a lot more of them.