Monday, September 25


We'll start things off today by shining a little spotlight on Chicago's the Saturday Nights. Led by songwriters Paul Foreman and Finn Swingley ("Finn Swingley" - how cool a name is THAT?), these guys released their debut CD, Queenslandicus, earlier this year. You can purchase it directly from their website [here] - either as a $5 digital download or a $10 disc. (It is also available from iTunes.)

The three songs below should give you at least some idea what to expect from the rest of the album. "Stranded" has a classic, timeless sound to it (think: Big Star at their most straightforward and gorgeous). The songwriting here seems deceptively effortless, right down to the utterly charming bridge. "There is a Sign" starts with some drunken drums and Foreman's swoony croon before shifting into higher gear with a combination of "ooh-ooh" backing vocals and a sweet 'n' juicy guitar solo that erupts out of yet another perfectly executed middle eight. Finally, "Julianna Convince Me" amps things up with a wall of ferociously fuzzed guitars and a swampy backbeat that just wants to keep kicking you in the chest till you're dead. (If the rumor is true that Jack White purchased the 7" single of "Stranded" and "Julianna," one can only guess that he found special kinship with the latter track.)

Check out the Saturday Nights'
MySpace page. And see and hear them at the following venues...

Sep 29 9:00P/Local's Only/Indianapolis, IN
Oct 11 9:00P/Schubas/Chicago, IL

MP3] "Stranded"

[MP3] "There is a Sign"

[MP3] "Julianna Convince Me"

Paul Foreman also makes music with a fellow by the name of Carl Saff in a project dubbed
the Warmth. They do their own version of "You Crafty Devil" (which is the final song on Queenslandicus), but, for my money, "Motown Stars" is the true standout here. (One can almost imagine Morrissey singing that chorus.)

[MP3] "You Crafty Devil"

[MP3] "Motown Stars"

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