Friday, January 12


When I was but a wee lad, it was the era of the great Bubblegum Wars. I'm not talking about bubblegum pop MUSIC, by the way, but about ACTUAL bubblegum. You see, whether you preferred HUBBA BUBBA or BUBBLICIOUS back in the day could have a very major effect on a person's popularity at LEWIS CASS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (or Lewis "Ass" Elementary School, seeing as pranksters were always making off with the "C").

All of that has pretty much nothing to do with my #7 selection for Top Album, 2006. I just happened to enjoy the hell out THE PIPETTES and their '60s-styled pop debut. Shallow? Perhaps. Not destined for a long shelf-life? Maybe so. Do I sometimes skip past Pipettes songs while blasting mix CDs from my car windows -- fearful that people on the street might mistake them for THE SPICE GIRLS? Guilty as charged.

But great chord progressions are great chord progressions; great harmonies are great harmonies; great pop songs are great pop songs. Regardless of which brand of bubblegum you chew.

The Pipettes on MySPACE.

[MP3] "Judy"

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Anonymous said...

a fearless post indeed :) Couldnt agree more though. They are growing on me :)