Tuesday, January 16


I know next to nothing about the London four-piece THE HOLLOWAYS, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let that stop me from sharing a bit of their music with you.

I do know that they released their debut LP, SO THIS IS GREAT BRITAIN?, in the UK last October, and that they've been a band since 2004. Their sound seems influenced by THE CLASH and, more recently, BLOC PARTY and THE LIBERTINES. It should be noted, however, that they do seem a bit younger, happier, and... um... "soberer" than the last group on that list.

Overall then: a bit of light, carefree fun. Summertime music in the deep, dark heart of an icy winter. Wherefore art thou, El Nino? Why hast thou forsaken us?

The Holloways on

The Holloways on the road >>>

Jan 25 2007/8:00P/The Hub/Colchester
Jan 27 2007/8:00P/Fleche D'Or/Paris
Feb 1 2007/8:00P/Circolo degli Artisti/Roma
Feb 2 2007/8:00P/Covo/Bolongne
Feb 3 2007/8:00P/Extra/Recanti
Feb 11 2007/8:00P/The KLA Social/Bristol
Feb 12 2007/8:00P/The Zodiac/Oxford

[MP3] "Generator"

[MP3] "Malcontented One"

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