Thursday, January 25


Where the hell has AMY WINEHOUSE been hiding herself? Well... In England, apparently. I guess she's fairly well-known there, but I have to admit to never having heard of her till just a few days ago.

But what a voice. Soulful. Funky. Poppy. Instantly distinctive. And I've been grooving on retro-'60s female vocalists for a good long while now.

Ms. Winehouse's second album, BACK TO BLACK, was released last year -- overshadowed in some quarters by the woman's penchant for partying and, specifically, boozing it up in a big way. Good for her for dumping her record company when they tried to force her into rehab.

Obviously, she doesn't just have a voice; she has balls, too.


AMY WINEHOUSE on the road...

Feb 17 2007/8:00P/Corn Exchange/Cambridge
Feb 18 2007/8:00P/Guildhall/Southampton
Feb 19 2007/8:00P/NME Awards Show/Astoria/London
Feb 21 2007/8:00P/Academy/Birmingham
Feb 23 2007/8:00P/Academy/Liverpool

[MP3] "Back to Black"

[MP3] "You Know I'm No Good"


Anonymous said...

bearing her rehab story in mind you should listen to her more recent single -

Anonymous said...

Yo! Just a sec there, how is it that you can admit you only JUST heard of Amy Winehouse and them claim to have been a listener for some time? Don't blog if you have no concept of time or truth!