Sunday, January 14


2006 >>>

01) Thom Yorke/The Eraser
02) The Veils/Nux Vomica
03) Mojave 3/Puzzles Like You
04) The Essex Green/Cannibal Sea
05) Now It's Overhead/Dark Light Daybreak
06) Scissor Sisters/Ta-Dah
07) The Pipettes/We Are the Pipettes
08) Malajube/Trompe-L'Oeil
09) The Format/Dog Problems
10) Regina Spektor/Begin to Hope
11) The Submarines/Declare a New State!
12) The Fratellis/Costello Music

[Yeah, looks about right. For now, at least...]


Anonymous said...

?? What is this, your top 10 tracks for 06? :)

Anonymous said...

I scrolled down nevermind. ^^

Anonyme 2 :-) said...

Yeeaaaaah Thom Yorke!!! :-D

I'm so glad Malajube begins to be internationally known... An excellent group from Qu├ębec. Don't worry if the lyrics are in French... They aren't understandable very often! :-D Each track talks of an illness, but it is sometimes well hidden with "poetry"! :-D