Tuesday, April 24


ALL SMILES is the new project for JIM FAIRCHILD, formerly of the now-defunct GRANDADDY. He received a little help from his friends on this one -- performers from such top-tier indie acts as MODEST MOUSE, THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION, SLEATER-KINNEY, MENOMENA, GREAT NORTHERN, etc.
The proceedings on ALL SMILES' first LP, TEN READINGS OF A WARNING, are low-key but assert a certain undeniable undertow -- whether propelled by subdued acoustic guitar or jaunty, saloon-styled piano.
The record is out today.
[MP3] "Backward, Forward, Through"
[MP3] "I Know It's Wrong"

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Sandra said...

Some connection with Sydney band Dappled Cities Fly? I think so, their debut album was called "A Smile", their current album is titled "Granddance" in which Jim Fairchild help produce. Interesting...