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Today's artists in the spotlight -- THE ICICLES -- hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Many of you may be aware that the late President Gerald R. Ford called that city home for a significant portion of his life. But did you also know that it has been home to actors GILLIAN ANDERSON and ANDY RICHTER? Or the respective screenwriters of TAXI DRIVER and TOP GUN? Or the lead singers of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, TOOL, and... uh... well... THE VERVE PIPE? Fascinating but true!

Also, if you happen to live in OMIHACHIMAN (Japan), BIELSKO-BIALA (Poland), PERUGIA (Italy), GA DISTRICT (Ghana), or ZAPOPAN (Mexico), then you will be pleased-as-punch to learn that your cities are official "sister" cities to Grand Rapids. Exciting? You betcha!

And you better believe the place has a music scene. It may not be Athens, Seattle, or even Omaha just yet, but you can't blame that on the aforementioned ICICLES. They've been busting their humps in relative obscurity for a number of years now, but their official coming-out party seems imminent with today's release of their second album, ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES, on MICROINDIE RECORDS.

When I first wrote about the band in July of 2006, I had this to say:

"THE ICICLES play breezy, '60s styled pop - all swirling synths, groovy basslines, girl harmonies, handclaps, and tambourine. The ALL GIRL SUMMER FUN BAND is a logical comparison point. HEAVENLY as well."

These things still hold true on ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES, though the group sounds even more assured (and, dare we say, "sophisticated") this time around. The inclusion of an extra guitarist only seems to have added to the band's chemistry, and they still dress like the Brady Bunch-on-acid (if the Bradys had four girls, no boys, and one bald Cousin Oliver). A promotional tie-in with Motorola (and their jaunty, nicely-named "Sugar Sweet") should only help them in the buzz-building department. So, look out, world.... Today: Grand Rapids. Tomorrow: Omihachiman!

THE ICICLES flogging their wares by... uh... well... PERFORMING their wares >>>

Sun Apr 22/The DAAC/Grand Rapids, MI/with Casper & The Cookies
Mon Apr 23/Mickey Finn's Pub/Toledo, OH/with Casper & The Cookies & The Hat Company
Tue Apr 24/Modern Formations Gallery/Pittsburgh, PA/with Casper & The Cookies
Wed Apr 25/The Cake Shop/New York, NY/with The Besties & Casper & The Cookies
Thu Apr 26 7:00P/"Live Block"/BSR FM/Providence, RI
Thu Apr 26 7:30P/"Phoning It In"/WMBR FM/Cambridge, MA
Fri Apr 27/PA's Lounge/Somerville, MA/with Shumai, The Smittens & Casper & The Cookies
Sat Apr 28/The Thai Bar/Burlington, VT/with The Smittens
Sun Apr 29/Southpaw/Brooklyn, NY/with Casper & the Cookies
Mon Apr 30/The Khyber/Philadelphia, PA/with Casper & the Cookies
Tue May 1/Mohawk Place/Buffalo, NY/with Casper & The Cookies
Wed May 2/Beachland Tavern/Cleveland, OH/with Casper & The Cookies
Thu May 3/Over The Top Fest/Toronto, ON
Sat May 12/Garagefest/Grand Rapids, MI/3-10 PM (Headlining at 9)

From the LP ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES, 2007 >>>
[MP3] "Regret"
[MP3] "Snowbird"

From the LP A HUNDRED PATTERNS, 2005 >>>
[MP3] "I Wanna Know"
[MP3] "Sugar Sweet"

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Anonymous said...

definitely a number of talented artists/bands playing around the grand land. . .

some other great grand rapids bands to check out include:

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thanks for profiling 'the icicles'. . .