Sunday, April 8


I'm still in lazy-n-listless mode these days, though I'm hoping that NEXT week around here will be better and more productive than LAST week around here.

Let me nonetheless make things easy for myself by opening this post by quoting ALL MUSIC GUIDE:

"New York City singer/songwriter NINA NASTASIA creates intimate, spectral music that evokes some lost, skewed take on Americana and that is often laced with haunting strains of viola, cello, and bowed saw."

Now, I ask you: Who COULDN'T use a bit more "bowed saw" in their music? I mean, come on... it's the new "cow bell."

When I learned that Ms. Nastasia would be collaborating with JIM WHITE on her upcoming album, YOU FOLLOW ME [FATCAT RECORDS; May 28], I was quite excited. After all, I'd just posted on Mr. White back in November, and his Southern Gothic folk-stylings seemed a perfect match for Nastasia's.

Alas, I'm an idiot. THAT Jim White is not THIS Jim White (or vice versa). Damn these generic, utterly-unGoogleable monikers. Next we'll be hearing that "Mike Smith" has been hired to play "bowed saw."

Regardless, these new songs are spare and spooky and worth a listen or two....


From the LP YOU FOLLOW ME, 2007 >>>
[MP3] "I've Been Out Walking"
[MP3] "Late Night"

From the LP ON LEAVING, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "Why Don't You Stay Home"

From the LP THE BLACKENED AIR, 2002 >>>
[MP3] "This is What It Is"

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