Monday, April 30


Massachusetts' WINTERPILLS describe their sound as "four weeks of rain, two days of sun, and the voice of someone you thought you had lost forever." Okay then. That should clear THAT up.

In an attempt to be a little more helpful: They traffic in sad-sounding, acoustic folk-pop that might put you in mind of ELLIOTT SMITH, STARS, and/or early ROSEBUDS. Unlike the forever-overrated Smith, however, Winterpills sometimes pick up the pace and leaven the gloom. (Guess that's the "two days of sun" thing.)

Helping matters a whole hell of a lot is the just-plain-pretty male-female vocal interplay between primary songwriter PHILIP PRICE and keyboardist FLORA REED. Melancholy, it is. But navel-gazing, it is not.

You can stream Winterpills' new album, THE LIGHT DIVIDES, in its entirety [


WINTERPILLS in-person >>>

May 2 2007 8:00P/Ram's Head Tavern/Annapolis, Maryland
Jul 20 2007 8:00P/Club Passim/Cambridge, MA (Dennis Crommett opens)

From the LP THE LIGHT DIVIDES, 2007 >>>
MP3] "Broken Arm"
MP3] "Shameful"

From their self-titled LP, 2005 >>>
MP3] "Laughing"
MP3] "Portrait"

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Jason Baker said...

Overrated, Elliott Smith? You must be joking, right.