Wednesday, February 13


The next AMY WINEHOUSE? Musically-speaking, at least? Some would say 19-year-old Londoner ADELE fits the bill.

I have to say: My jury's still out on that one. It's not that I thought BACK TO BLACK was an especially great album; I just thought that it had three or four pretty great tunes on it. "Chasing Pavements" seems to be Adele's calling card, and methinks rightfully so. But is it as good as "Back to Black," "Rehab," or "You Know I'm No Good"? For that matter, is it as good as KATE NASH's "Foundations"? Methinks... my jury's still out.

[MP3] "Tired"

MP3] "Chasing Pavements"

[If you're inclined toward Hype Machining or Elbo.wsearching, you might also consider tracking down the track "Cold Shoulder."]

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