Tuesday, February 5

BEST OF 2005

Just trying to get these year-end mixes up and out there... willy-nilly though the process be....

Left-click [HERE] to download the 2005 mix.

Portal to other year-end mixes [HERE].


01 depeche mode/precious
02 stars/ageless beauty
03 kent/du ar anga
04 sambassadeur/new moon
05 new rhodes/i wish i was you
06 stellastarr*/sweet troubled soul
07 spoon/the two sides of monsieur valentine
08 franz ferdinand/you're the reason i'm leaving
09 levy/you be sweet
10 metric/combat baby
11 belle and sebastian/another sunny day
12 the fine arts showcase/chemical girl
13 we are scientists/inaction
14 matt pond pa/several arrows later
15 editors/blood
16 goldspot/it's getting old
17 maplewood lane/wildwood drive
18 british sea power/please stand up
19 the raveonettes/ode to l.a.
20 death cab for cutie/soul meets body
21 ed harcourt/loneliness
22 gustav & the seasick sailors/angels fable [demo]
23 madonna/hung up

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