Wednesday, February 6


GIRLS IN HAWAII are, in fact, boys from Belgium. As near as I can tell, the only other Belgian act I've ever bothered spotlighting around here was AN PIERLE & WHITE VELVET back in August. Which is inexcusable. And embarrassing.

So, in a no-doubt-misguided effort to set things right, I'm going to gorge myself on Belgian waffles, chocolates, and endive (not to mention Brussels sprouts). Wash it all down with a succession of Belgian beers. Perhaps adopt a dog of Belgian breed. Griffon Bruxellois? Bichon frise? And the next time I'm asked at the the drive-thru if I want with fries with that, I shall imperiously reply: "Only if they are authentically Belgian! Arrayed in a cone of paper! With mustard, mayo, or peanut satay!" All of these things I will do (just as soon as I stop confusing Belgium with Holland and Holland with Denmark and Denmark with Delaware and Delaware with New Hampshire and New Hampshire with Hawaii and Hawaii with Holland... er... Belgium).

Many of the songs on Girls in Hawaii's second album, PLAN YOUR ESCAPE, evoke the late, lamented GRANDADDY. That may be reason enough right there to feature them here....


[MP3] "Bored"

[MP3] "Summer Storm"

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