Friday, February 22

BEST OF 2006, VOL. 1

Left-click [HERE] to download the Best of 2006, Vol. 1.

Portal to previous year-end mixes [HERE].


01 midlake/roscoe
02 the detroit cobras/cha cha twist
03 gnarls barkley/crazy
04 head like a kite/noisy at the circus
05 the features/wooden heart
06 nightmare of you/i want to be buried in your backyard
07 clearlake/getting light outside
08 the pipettes/guess who ran away with the milkman?
09 razorlight/in the morning
10 mighty six ninety/have you ever asked yourself
11 new london fire/we don't bleed
12 the cloud room/hey now now
13 paul brill/paris is on
14 the killers/when you were young
15 pilot speed/barely listening
16 stellastarr*/love and longing
17 morrissey/you have killed me
18 the format/the first single
19 division day/dayenu
20 yeah yeah yeahs/turn into
21 the indelicates/we hate the kids [demo]
22 superheroes/what's going on?

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