Sunday, May 4


So I'm on iTUNES now. Have been for a couple months. Wasn't before because my old computer's operating system was too antiquated to support it. But now that I've essentially inherited my brother's computer: problem solved.

The other day I was sifting through his iTUNES library, lickity-split-erasing all traces of CREED, NICKELBACK, and THREE DOORS DOWN. Yes, it's sad-but-true: My brother had an unfortunate weakness for White Trash rock. It's probably what killed him. That, and years and years of beer....

Thankfully, my brother also had a soft spot for the more classic stuff. THE BEATLES, STONES, BOWIE, etc. And in clearing out his iTUNES library, I came upon one of his old favorites: THE GUESS WHO -- a Canadian band whose four albums from 1968-1970 spawned a rather impressive string of still-familiar hits. (As a kid, I would infuriate my brother by constantly confusing the Guess Who with THE WHO. "They're completely different bands!" he would shriek at me, occasionally refraining from punching me in the arm.)

So, without further ado, this one goes out to my brother STEVE. Rest easy, big fella.

[MP3] "These Eyes" [1968]

MP3] "Undun" [1969]

MP3] "Laughing" [1969]

MP3] "American Woman" [1970]

MP3] "No Time" [1970]

MP3] "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature" [1970]

MP3] "Share the Land" [1970]

MP3] "Hand Me Down World" [1970]

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Jami said...

sorry for your loss. life is hard for us white trash, eh? and yes, part of that suffering is definitely the creed music.

based on his other taste, perhaps your brother is buying the stairway to heaven. at least renting?