Friday, May 9


[Stop back by later today for the Best of April mix.]

THE LODGER is an indie-pop outfit from Leeds led by singer-songwriter BEN SIDDALL. Apparently determined to let no moss grow beneath their feet, they will be releasing their second album, LIFE IS SWEET, on May 19 -- less than a year after their oft-blogged-about debut.

Siddall's voice is one of those oh-so-familiar things; it had me wracking what's left of my memory for appropriate precedants. THE LIGHTNING SEEDS' IAN BROUDIE? TREMBLING BLUE STARS' ROBERT WRATTEN? ________'s ________ _______? I'll leave it to you to fill in your own blanks....


From the LP LIFE IS SWEET, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Nothing Left (To Say)"
MP3] "Hero's Welcome"

From the LP GROWN-UPS, 2007 >>>
MP3] "Getting Special"
MP3] "Watching"

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