Tuesday, May 13


She worked with TRICKY. And now she's worked with DANGER MOUSE.

MARTINA TOPLEY-BIRD has herself a nice set of pipes, and the non-singing half of GNARLS BARKLEY certainly knows his way around a bassline & beat. The new album dropped yesterday in the UK. "Carnies" was the first single. "Shangri La" takes its time getting to Martina, but it may well be my favoritest of them all.


From the LP THE BLUE GOD, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Carnies"
MP3] "Shangri La"

From the LP QUIXOTIC, 2003 >>>
MP3] "Anything"


Eric L said...

It's pretty late on July 3 and I'm too damn lazy to click the back button or scroll up. I've just spent about an hour on your blog sampling music and just having a grand time (as well as killing some of your bandwith.) Thanks for the music, you've brought a few bands to my attention I have to go out and buy music from. Keep up the good work.

molotov said...

So, YOU'RE the one killing my bandwidth.... Happy to hear it. As they say in AA, keep coming back.

Anousonne said...

We've had the chance to film Martina Topley-Bird's concert in Paris during Radio Nova's "Nuits Zébrées", it was a blast! I hope you'll enjoy the video as much as we had :)

Check this out:

Enjoy !!

The Grandcrew Team