Thursday, May 1


I reckon that those of you out there with even a sliver of interest in MUDCRUTCH already know the story behind these guys, so we'll be short-shrifting this a bit....

Seems that, before he started hanging around with HEARTBREAKERS and travelling with WILBURYS, TOM PETTY was a member of Mudcrutch. He sang and played bass. Future Heartbreakers MIKE CAMPBELL and BENMONT TENCH were members, too -- as were guitarist/singer TOM LEADON and drummer RANDALL MARSH. But things never quite worked out. They never even recorded an album.

Until now. Perhaps feeling nostalgic, Mr. Petty got the band back together, and they've gone ahead and recorded a self-titled LP -- some 35 years after their original break-up. "Better late than never," as the saying goes.

The songs below are for the guitar-lovers out there. The first is finger-pickin' good; the second is electric & dirty-sounding in all the right ways.


MP3] "Shady Grove"

MP3] "Lover of the Bayou"


Anonymous said...

How many 1970s joints do you have to smoke to think Mudcrutch is an acceptable band name? It sounds like the 00s' version of Spinal Tap, this time satirizing nu metal bands.

Jim said...

I really enjoyed the first Mudcrutch album. It just has such a fresh sound- something that I haven't heard from Petty for a while. Don't get me wrong, I love most Tom Petty songs, but it seems he kind of lost his energy during the last couple of albums. I really enjoyed "Highway Companion", especially because of his work with Jeff Lynne, but it did seem to lack the sparkle of this Mudcrutch album.

I'm glad the album did well, but I do have to say that I don't agree with the repackaging of the album. I always feel like I'm not getting the whole picture when I buy an album, especially after Petty came out with that expanded edition of "Highway Companion" a few months after the initial release.


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