Sunday, May 18


[Unfortunately, "Calendar Girl" had some technical issues this morning. My apologies for that. A new, glitch-free copy has been substituted.]

You know, ever since Tuesday's perhaps-now-regrettable JASON MRAZ post, I've had NEIL SEDAKA on the brain. Only one way I can think of to get him offa there....

[MP3] "Calendar Girl" [1960]

MP3] "You Mean Everything to Me" [1960]

MP3] "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen" [1961]

MP3] "I Must Be Dreaming" [1961]

MP3] "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" [1962]

MP3] "Laughter in the Rain" [1974]

MP3] "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" [1975]

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Blogger Dan said...

No Solitaire?

12:15 PM  

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