Wednesday, April 30


In March of 2006, I wrote about THE DRESDEN DOLLS thusly:

"The Dresden Dolls are a male/female duo from Boston who traffic in cabaret pop-punk. Their second record, YES, VIRGINIA, will be released on April 18. Though normally I might find this type of music a bit too "messy" for my tastes, there's something undeniably beguiling about it -- even as it always seems to be careening toward tunelessness. Yet, time and again, they manage to pull it back from the brink. Just call it 'infectiously vexing.' Or 'vexingly infectious.'"

All still true. While listening to the Dolls' upcoming release -- the it-logically-follows NO, VIRGINIA (May 20) -- I found myself focusing on the moany-moany machinations of AMANDA PALMER's vocals. Perhaps misunderstanding the phrase "sing from the diaphragm," the woman seems to summon her vox from a somewhat... er... um... lower spot on the anatomy than most singers. In fact, her herky-jerky histrionics have a way of making TORI AMOS sound downright dainty and demure. No small feat.

NO, VIRGINIA is made up of tracks left over from the YES, VIRGINIA sessions, as well as some new tunes.


From the LP NO, VIRGINIA, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Ultima Esperanza"
MP3] "The Sheep Song"

From the LP YES, VIRGINIA, 2006 >>>
MP3] [VID] "My Alcoholic Friends"
MP3] "Necessary Evil"

From their self-titled LP, 2004 >>>
MP3] [VID] "Coin-Operated Boy"
MP3] "The Jeep Song"

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