Monday, April 28


Yesterday, in commenting on JUICE NEWTON, substitute had this to say:

"Juice Newton is back-of-the-station-wagon music along with Supertramp and ELO. Nostalgia for the Fritos and Orange Crush overwhelms me!"

Ah, yes indeedy. Though, truth be told, I was always more of a Pepsi boy, myself. And Fritos always ran a distant third to Doritos and Cheetos in my little world. (Of course, this being the Detroit area, I should put in a plug for Better Made potato chips & Faygo. And Sanders hot fudge.)

Anyway, we already gave ELO the "Sunday Showcase" treatment back in January, but SUPERTRAMP certainly deserves some lovin' as well (for the great, great "Logical Song" alone -- #6 US; #7 UK)....

[MP3] "The Logical Song" [1979]

[MP3] "Take the Long Way Home" [1979]

[MP3] "Breakfast in America" [1979]

[MP3] "Give a Little Bit" [1977]

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