Monday, April 28


A bit of stream-of-consciousness posting to start the week....

Yesterday, in commenting on JUICE NEWTON, Jami had this to say:

"these songs were all about being in the car with mom. dad was still pining for the doors and the who and jimi. but when mom had control of the radio, these were the songs. for a trip even a little further back in the time machine that was mom's pinto, remember leo sayer? oh-wo-yay-yay. i love you more than i can say. i love you twice as much tomorrow. wo-oah. i love you more than i can say."

Well, enough said. I didn't have a "mom's pinto" in my life, but I did have an "aunt june's mufflerless ford maverick." The car was forest green. The aunt had one leg, smoked like a chimney, and took out her frustrations on her dog, Taffy. She also made the best french toast in the history of the world (Aunt June, not Taffy). But that's not why you stopped by today....

For me, the two LEO SAYER hits that resonate are "When I Need You" and the aforementioned "More Than I Can Say." The former went to #1 in the both the US and UK. The latter went to #2 in both places. And "I Can't Stop Loving You" -- which sounds quite a bit like "When I Need You" but nonetheless qualifies as one of Sayer's best efforts -- went to #6 in the UK. Guess we Americans were sleeping on that one.

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[MP3] "More Than I Can Say" [1980]

MP3] "I Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try)" [1978]

MP3] "When I Need You" [1977]

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Jami said...

that is one colorful aunt. thelma and selma got nothin' on her.

it occurs to me that we're older than they were when we were listening to their leo sayer. wow.