Sunday, April 13



From the LP MILLIONAIRES, 1999 >>>
MP3] "We're Going to Miss You"

From the LP PLEASED TO MEET YOU, 2001 >>>
MP3] "Alaskan Pipeline"
MP3] "Gaudi"
MP3] "Fine"

From the LP HEY MA, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Upside"
MP3] "Waterfall"


MP3] "Destiny Calling"

MP3] "Ring the Bells" [live]


Ed said...

New album isn't revolutionary, but it is fantastic. Have played it six times this week already.

Ed, 17 Seconds

Anonymous said...

I've been a big james fan for ages, and I thought I was up to date with their entire body of work, then, thanks to you post, I discover "Gaudi". I was like... what's this... a B-side... whooaaa... it's awfully good for a B-side... Then I discover that it's actually exactly what you said it is: an album track from "Pleased to meet you". Consequently discovered it was omitted from the album in non-British markets. (I bought my copy in South Africa.) Wow, why? What a great track! Thanks!

jeffro said...

Looking forward to ordering the new album Tuesday (the US release date), even though it's still considered an "import" in the US - that's kind of frustrating.

sfenn said...

Thanks for these! The new tracks sound great and I also didn't realise I had an incomplete copy of 'Pleased to Meet You' (the Australian edition). Looks like I'll have to track down the other missing track, 'What Is It Good For' too.