Sunday, April 27


Here's a little visit to a time when country and pop were virtually indistinguishable from one another....

JUICE NEWTON's "Queen of Hearts" was a big deal on the Top 40 charts when I was in the sixth grade at Lewis Cass Elementary. That, and THE OAK RIDGE BOYS' "Elvira." And something or other by EDDIE RABBIT. "Driving the Night Away"? Well, whatever.

(Okay, I actually stopped and looked up the Eddie Rabbit on Wikipedia. It was "Drivin' My Life Away." There. Now I can sleep.)

[Come back later today for some cheese-tastic selections from a man Stephen Colbert considers an arch-enemy....]

[MP3] "It's a Heartache" [1978]

MP3] "Angel of the Morning" [1981]

MP3] "Queen of Hearts" [1981]

MP3] "The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known)" [1981]

MP3] "Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me" [1982]


jami said...

these songs were all about being in the car with mom. dad was still pining for the doors and the who and jimi. but when mom had control of the radio, these were the songs.

for a trip even a little further back in the time machine that was mom's pinto, remember leo sayer? oh-wo-yay-yay. i love you more than i can say. i love you twice as much tomorrow. wo-oah. i love you more than i can say.

substitute said...

I'm close to your age, and yes. Juice Newton is back-of-the-station-wagon music along with Supertramp and ELO. Nostalgia for the Fritos and Orange Crush overwhelms me!

kamagra said...

In the spring of 1982 Newton released her fourth solo album, Quiet Lies, which sold 900,000 copies in the United States, in the 80's Juice Newton was so important in the music , she was the favorite singer of my sister!22dd