Monday, July 14


At which time we reach the end of the road (or beginning of the road, as the case may be) i/r/t Mr. BEK DAVID CAMPBELL aka BECK HANSEN aka BECK. (For our purposes here, we will discreetly seek to ignore the fact that the man is a Scientologist. Jeepers creepers!)

From the LP SEA CHANGE, 2002 >>>
MP3] [VID] "Lost Cause"

From the LP MIDNITE VULTURES, 1999 >>>
MP3] "Pressure Zone"

From the LP MUTATIONS, 1998 >>>
MP3] "Dead Melodies"

From the LP ODELAY, 1996 >>>
MP3] [VID] "The New Pollution"

From the LP MELLOW GOLD, 1994 >>>
MP3] [VID] "Loser"

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Pildit said...

He does some pretty awesome songs for a scientologist...btw, Tom Cruise can't even play a guitar