Thursday, July 10


Sweden's SAD DAY FOR PUPPETS should not be mistaken for England's THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS, America's MEAT PUPPETS, or Serbia's PUPPETINA. For one thing, Sad Day feature a female lead (in the person of ANNA EKLUND). For another, they play shoegaze-y pop that should appeal to fans of THE INNOCENCE MISSION and THE CURE but may put narcoleptics at peril. Might I suggest headphones & a bucket of Red Bull...?

From the EP JUST LIKE A GHOST, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Hush"
MP3] "Big Waves"

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Anne said...

The Innocence Mission and The Cure in the same sentence? I don't see that very often.

But you said the magic words, shoegaze and I know I will like it.