Friday, July 18


90 degrees outside... 80 degrees inside... so there's really no call for a parka, coat, jacket, poncho, or any other variety of outerwear today. But I guess we'll make an exception for the Scottish band that calls itself PARKA (come to think of it, we already dealt with the band that calls itself MY MORNING JACKET a couple weeks ago).

Parka (the band) has an album out called ATTACK OF THE HUNDRED YARD HARDMAN, which sounds like the title of a gay porn video centering around American football locker-room/shower shenanigans -- tight ends becoming wide receivers, etc. The first song below is fairly standard, modern-day Britpop. The latter channels THE B-52's (who could probably provide a pretty fabulous soundtrack to a gay porn video centering around American football locker-room/shower shenanigans). (If Tom Brady is in it, I am so there....).


MP3] [VID] "Better Anyway"

MP3] "DJ in the Corner"


priss said...

this blog n ur musical taste is great... i ve found plenty of good n new stuff here... thanks for the hard work ^_^

Matthew said...

Hi - sorry for what might come across as spam, but I write Song, by Toad and I am going to be working with some Edinburgh bands and my own embryonic record label to get their stuff out to a bit of a wider audience.

I'm probably being dense but I can't find any contact details on the site, and I reckon the chances are quite good you might like some of the stuff we're going to be sending out, so if you'd like me to either post a promo copy or email a zip file then you can either email me at songbytoad A*T* or alternatively just reply by comment here.


Anonymous said...

I agree, these are great recommendations. =) Thanks for turning me on to new music!