Friday, July 7


A little late in coming, but here are last month's winners (for me, anyway). As always, I hope you'll find a few to agree with me on...

Please left-click [here] for the songs.


01) Archie Bronson Outfit/Dead Funny
02) SohoDolls/Pleasures of Soho
03) Sound Team/Born to Please
04) Keane/Let It Slide
05) Tilly and the Wall/You and I Misbehaving
06) Brother and Sisters/One Night
07) Easterly/Wicked Conversation
08) Franz Ferdinand/Well That Was Easy
09) Avocadoclub/Too Much Space to Walk Away
10) Boy Kill Boy/Ivy Parker
11) Elf Power/Come Lie Down With Me (And Sing My Song)
12) Mojave 3/Puzzles Like You
13) Lucky Soul/The Great Unwanted
14) The Veils/Advice for Young Mothers
15) The Sleepy Jackson/This Day
16) The Dears/Whites Only Party

17) Office/Wound Up
18) Girl Alliance/Jaded
19) Pulp/Ansaphone
20) Bishop Allen/Things Are What You Make of Them
21) The Concretes/Song for the Songs
22) The Minor Canon/Good Luck

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