Saturday, July 15


I meant to post this collection of Thom Yorke's previous solo work (both in and out of Radiohead) last Tuesday, when Yorke's solo album, The Eraser, came out. I hope to get back to more regular posting next week...

Left-click [here] for the songs.


01) Thom Yorke & the Venus in Furs/2HB [from the film VELVET GOLDMINE]
02) Thom Yorke & the Venus in Furs/Ladytron
03) Thom Yorke & the Venus in Furs/Bitter-Sweet
04) Thom Yorke & PJ Harvey/This Mess We're In
05) Thom Yorke & Bjork/I've Seen It All [from the film DANCER IN THE DARK]
06) Thom Yorke & Drugstore/El President
07) Radiohead/Gagging Order
08) Thom Yorke & UNKLE/Rabbit in Your Headlights
09) Radiohead/I Will [demo]
10) Thom Yorke/Go to Sleep [live/acoustic]
11) Thom Yorke/Follow Me Around [live/acoustic]
12) Radiohead/I Want None of This
13) Thom Yorke/Killer Cars [live/acoustic]
14) Radiohead/Like Spinning Plates [live]
15) Radiohead/True Love Waits [live]
16) Radiohead/Lozenge of Love
17) Radiohead/You Never Wash Up After Yourself

18) Radiohead/Motion Picture Soundtrack [acoustic]
19) Radiohead/How I Made My Millions
20) Thom Yorke & UNKLE/Rabbit in Your Headlights (Underdog Mix)
21) Radiohead/Fog [live]

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