Wednesday, July 5


Atlanta-based band the Press have just released their new single, "The Red Comes Ringin'," on Goodnight Records. The song scared me a little, to be honest, but other, less lily-livered listeners will no doubt find a way to groove and grind to it. (You can decide for yourself by checking it out on their MySpace page [here]).

On the other hand, I did take a decided shine to the single's other track, "I Like to Talk About Myself," and the band had no problem with me offering that up as a download for you here.

They also thought that I might be partial to a song off their last EP, Noxious Saucy Beast. That one's called "The Fattest Pigeon," and they were right: I like it real swell. Perhaps you will, too...

[MP3] "The Fattest Pigeon"

[MP3] "I Like to Talk About Myself"

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