Tuesday, July 18


Off-hand, I can't ever remember having posted on an artist from my home state of Michigan before. (Well, I think Madonna might have gotten in there somewhere, but she's British now and doesn't count.)

On the other hand, the Icicles are the genuine Great Lakes article, and I doubt they have any intention of feigning Brit accents and escaping our state any time soon. Not when they seem to be having so much fun where they are right now. Well... judging by their music, at least.

The Icicles play breezy, '60s styled pop - all swirling synths, groovy basslines, girl harmonies, handclaps, and tambourine. The All Girl Summer Fun Band is a logical comparison point. Heavenly as well.

The band's debut LP, A Hundred Patterns, can be purchased for just $10 from Microindie Records [here]. You can also sample some live tracks at their MySpace page [here].

Finally, for those anywhere in the Michigan area in early August, the Icicles will be playing TC's Speakeasy in Ypsilanti on August 4 at 8:00 and the Sazerac Lounge in Grand Rapids on August 5 at 9:00.

[MP3] "Snowman"

[MP3] "I Wanna Know"

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