Wednesday, July 19


In writing about the Icicles yesterday - as well as their two upcoming shows in Michigan - I neglected to mention that they'll be playing those shows with the Burlington, Vermont band the Smittens. Well, how better to rectify that situation than to shine a little spotlight in that band's direction as well.

The Smittens describe their music as "fi-curious indiepop" and a "DIY punky bubblegum pop explosion." Indeed. Just listen for yourself....

You can click [here] to purchase the Smittens' latest CD, A Little Revolution. Click [TC's Speakeasy in Ypsilanti and August 5 at the Sazerac Lounge in Grand Rapids. Be there or be square, and all that....

[MP3] "Good Migrations"

[MP3] "Stop the Bombs!"

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