Monday, July 24


The Salem, Oregon band Easterly started out in 2001 with singer/songwriter Noah Hall front-and-center. Since then, however, Hall has made room for five bandmates, most of whom have contributed songs to the greater good of the collective.

Still, Hall's songwriting and voice remain the standout centerpiece(s) for these indie popsters, though their infectious guitars and harmonies play a huge part in the bigger picture. So far, Easterly have been compared to everyone from the Pernice Brothers, Brendan Benson, Grant Lee Buffalo, Teenage Fanclub, and the Posies. Yet, for all that, they have a sound all their own and deserve to be heard well beyond the boundaries of the Pacific Northwest.

Easterly will soon be mastering their second full-length CD, and we'll be updating you on that album's availability as soon the information becomes known. In the meantime, check out a couple of unmastered tracks from the CD below, as well as a number of MP3s from the band's first record on their website's "media" section[here].

You can purchase that CD from or from Not Lame Recordings.

Easterly will be playing Portland, Oregon's Doug Fir Lounge on July 27 at 8 PM along with the acts the Days and Nire. Check out their MySpace page [here] to look up their multiple shows in Salem in August and to hear even more sound samples.

From their self-titled LP, 2004 >>>
[MP3] "Wicked Conversation"
[MP3] "Happiness"

From their forthcoming LP, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "It's No Secret"
[MP3] "Seek Ye First"


Anonymous said...

No Secret and Seek Ye First are terrific!!! Easterly is my favorite band. :)

Айдар said...

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