Sunday, July 16


Chicago native Kyle Andrews just released his debut LP, Amos in Ohio, this past June. However, I first discovered him with the simply irresistible "Sushi," which does indeed sound a bit like Eels' Mark Oliver Everett playing a Japanese sushi bar. You can picture Bill Murray there, too. Drinking Suntory whiskey.

Now Nashville-based, Andrews does wonders with simple instrumentation - some soaring keyboards here; some gentle washes of acoustic guitar there. (I also can't help hearing just a twinge of Jeff Tweedy in his voice as well, which suits me just fine.)

To hear that voice for yourself, you can check out the sound samples on Kyle's MySpace page [here].

The album Amos in Ohio is available from Badman Recording Co. and

[MP3] "Moon Tea" [from the LP Amos in Ohio]

[MP3] "Connecting the Dots" [from the LP Amos in Ohio]

[MP3] "Sushi"


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