Monday, November 13


Upon first hearing this artist's name, I just naturally assumed he was a Brit -- some sort of younger, cuter version of James Blunt. Well, the "younger, cuter" thing holds (and probably quite a bit of the "James Blunt" thing, too). But, in truth, 23-year-old Landon Pigg harkens from good ol' Nashville, U.S.A.

He released his first album (logically entitled LP) back in the summer, and it's a solid -- if not standout -- affair. There does seem to be a lot of this type of music floating around these days... pleasant voices, pleasant melodies, but nothing you haven't heard before on the OC and other such shows.

Still, what with his age (and, yes, those good looks), we'll cut Mr. Pigg a bit of slack and see if he can rise above his influences on his next go-round.

Landon Pigg on

[MP3] "Mesmerize"

[MP3] "On the Other Side"

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Kirsten Smith said...

I picked up LP at my local used record store last weekend and I am in love! I can't say that I agree with the whole James Blunt comparison based solely on the fact that I can't stand "Beautiful", but I whole-heartedly agree that he's some of best new talent out there right now. And at only 23 I hope we'll be hearing from him for a while.