Friday, November 17


Are the Like the new Wilson Phillips? Heaven forbid.

BUT... they are ARE three young women with fathers of... shall we say, "elevated"... status in the music industry. Deja vu? Bite your tongue.

Okay, here's how the musical/horticultural/nepotistical/family-tree stuff breaks down: Charlotte Froom is the bass player and also provides backing vocals. Her father is Mitchell Froom -- uber-producer to such artists as Crowded House, Los Lobos, and Suzanne Vega, amongst others. Tennessee Thomas is the drummer. Her proud papa is Pete Thomas -- a drummer for such artists as Elvis Costello, the Finn Brothers, and Amos Lee, amongst others. Finally, Z. Berg is the lead singer and plays guitar. Who's HER daddy? Why, that would be Tony Berg -- one-time session guitarist (for such artists as Air Supply, Debby Boone, and the Muppets, amongst others), producer (for such artists as Michael Penn, Edie Brickell, and Aimee Mann, amongst others), and famous A&R guru at Geffen Records, where he worked with such artists as Beck, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and At the Drive-In, amongst others. Oh, and the Like's record label? That would be Geffen Records. Coincidence? Don't even go there, girlfriend.

Okay then... time to lower the snarkiness quotient just a nudge....

The truth is, the three ladies of the Like started making music together while still in their teens. They released three EPs on their own [no help from Daddy(s)] at local shows, etc. Then, in 2005, they procured that Geffen contract and released their first album, Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?. And it's a pretty damn solid record, actually. Pop with pseudo-punk accents (see: the first song below).

[Now, I'm tired of typing. I owe the Like nothing, though I actually LIKE the Like. But I drink like a fish, and snarky is as snarky does. Or, at least, isn't that what Tom Hanks says while sitting on that park bench in that movie where he's as dumb and in love with his mother as George W. Bush? More music later... I hope....]

The Like on

[MP3] "What I Say and What I Mean"

[MP3] "The One"

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