Wednesday, November 22


Recently, I've been listening to some older albums that slipped under my radar back in the day, rather than focusing so heavily on 2006 releases. One such LP was The Soundtrack of Our Lives' 2002 effort, Behind the Music.

Though hailing from Sweden, TSOOL don't play the slick and/or sophisticated pop game that so many Swedish artists excel at. Instead, they've made a career of being magpies and shape-shifters, albeit always with one collective foot firmly planted in '60s psychedelia. While I'm not familiar enough with the band at this point to compare this particular record with their other efforts, I can certainly raise my voice in praise for Behind the Music's impressive range of influences and moods (not to mention: tempos). I've tried to provide you with a few examples of that range below, so step on up to the smorgasbord....

This December, the Soundtrack of Our Lives will be Down Under >>>

Dec 1 8:00P/The Tote/Melbourne
Dec 2 8:00P/Corner Hotel/Richmond, Melbourne
Dec 8 8:00P/Annandale Hotel/Sydney
Dec 9 8:00P/Meredith Music Festival/Meredith
Dec 12 8:00P/The Tote/Collingwood, Melbourne

In the meantime, you can find them on

[MP3] "Sister Surround"

[MP3] "Nevermore"

[MP3] "In Your Veins"

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