Wednesday, November 8


Between trying -- not very successfully -- to rid my gutters and yard of leaves, and attempting, simultaneously, to get my mind around a sudden and utterly stunning "opportunity" in my life, I haven't had much time or energy for music lately.

Nonetheless, here are some songs that didn't quite make my Best of October mix. Mere also-rans? Well, sure. But you might just enjoy them more than the ones that made the final cut...

[MP3] Saint Etienne/"Lightning Strikes Twice"

[MP3] James Dean Bradfield/"Still a Long Way to Go"

[MP3] Math and Physics Club/"Darling, Please Come Home"

[MP3] Pete Yorn/"Bandstand in the Sky"

[MP3] Boyskout/"Fantastic"

[MP3] Nicolas Makelberge/"Dying in Africa"

1 comment:

c said...

yay for pete yorn. i dig him, but his new album has too many songs. he needs an editor.

now i have the urge to eat some candy corns...