Saturday, December 2


[This post was delayed as a result of a 13-hour power outage yesterday. So, if you'll permit me: Fuck winter. Fuck cold November/December rain. Fuck wind. Fuck Detroit Edison. And fuck the Amish -- for living like that all the time... and not bitching about it.]

Another month in the books. How time flies.

Left-click [HERE] to download the following November collection...


01) Stefy/Chelsea
02) Shiny Toy Guns/Rainy Monday
03) The Like/The One
04) Albert Hammond, Jr./In Transit
05) Marit Bergman/Green Light
06) Jarvis Cocker/Tonite
07) The Information/A Simple Plan
08) Shivaree/Goodnight Moon
09) Bang Gang/Find What You Get
10) The May Fire/Right and Wrong
11) Kevin Devine/You'll Only End Up Joining Them
12) Dover/Let Me Out
13) Consequences/Parasite
14) The Bluetones/Head on a Spike
15) Sam Roberts/Fall Before You Finish
16) The Soundtrack of Our Lives/Nevermore
17) Rock Kills Kid/Raise Your Hands
18) The Awkward Stage/Heaven is for Easy Girls
19) The Arrogants/Easy
20) Jim White/That Girl from Brownsville Texas
21) The Bicycles/I Know We Have to Be Apart

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou for helping me to discover Albert Hammond Jr. Just bought the album, ahhhh new music I like!! There's nothing better.