Wednesday, December 27


I only today discovered DEATH CAB chauffeur and POSTmaster BEN GIBBARD's cover of BJORK's "Joga." His version (assisted by KIND OF LIKE SPITTING's BEN BARNETT) is slow and stark, but undeniably beguiling. And, since "Joga" appears on my favorite Bjork album (1997's HOMOGENIC), a couple of bonus tracks seem in order...

[Oh, and... are you diggin' my new site header? Really catches the eye, no? Argh. Hope to have it remedied -- one way or another -- by the new year.]

[MP3] Ben Gibbard [w/Ben Barnett]/"Joga"

[MP3] Bjork/"Joga"


[MP3] Bjork/"Bachelorette"

[MP3] Bjork/"All is Full of Love" [strings mix]

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