Thursday, December 7


Rhode Island's THE BROTHER KITE specialize in slow, pretty soundscapes that would generally fall under the heading(s) of "shoegaze" or "dream-pop." These genres are (generally) not my cup of tea, what with my forever-dwindling attention span and my (general) aversion to using record albums as background Muzak.

THE BROTHER KITE released their second album, WAITING FOR THE TIME TO BE RIGHT, back in September. As is not uncommon in their genre(s), the band string their songs one-to-the-next, creating a satisfying tapestry of sound that's understated but also undeniably pleasant. I've posted my two favorite tunes from the new record below. The second, in particular, does not play by the traditional verse-chorus-verse rules, but, if you give it a chance to unfold a bit, you may just be taken in by its beauty as I was.

(Oh, and... in an altogether-sub-Twilight-Zone-type-of-way, I would just like to note that I find BROTHER KITE lead singer PATRICK BOUTWELL's voice a dead ringer for BAND OF HORSES' not-altogether-differently-named BEN BRIDWELL's.)


THE BROTHER KITE on the road >>>

Dec 13 10:00P/Roger Williams University Radio/Bristol, Rhode Island
Jan 6 9:00P/Maverick's/New Bedford, Massachusetts
Jan 10 9:00P/El-N-Gee/New London, Connecticut
Jan 12 9:00P/Brillobox/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jan 13 9:00P/Nite Owl/Dayton, Ohio
Jan 14 9:00P/The Note/Chicago, Illinois

[MP3] "Bringing It Back Home"

[MP3] "Lay Down Your Burden"

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matthew said...

i disagree with the ben bridwell comparison. his vocals sound *exactly* like superdrag.