Tuesday, December 12


A couple quick songs from TEXAS' 2005 album, RED BOOK. Still an import-only for North America, as far as I know. These tunes continue in the band's more recent vein -- leaning more toward dancefloor-friendly pop than blue-eyed soul.

I wrote about the band (without having yet heard RED BOOK) in April of '06, as such:

"This week's sweet, single-malt-whiskey-soaked sojourn in Scotland comes to a close with the very-American-sounding TEXAS. Fortunately, this is not some chewin'-tobacco, country-western collective from Texarkana; it's a semi-sleek/semi-soulful pop band from Glasgow. They've never seemed to get a hell of a lot of love from anywhere but the UK, and not even there so much anymore."


[MP3] "Can't Resist"

[MP3] "Get Down Tonight"

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, as a Scottish resident of Scotland, I would say Texas had a good initial album and it's been downhill from there. This dancefloor tripe is a desperate attempt to escape a downhill spiral and co-incides with the lead singers poor choice of attending every single possible event to drum up more publicity for herself. Boooo.