Friday, December 22


More kids' songs for Christmas -- this time courtesy of the U.K. charity album COLOURS ARE BRIGHTER: SONGS FOR CHILDREN. Proceeds go to SAVE THE CHILDREN.

Mainly, though, this gives me an excuse to re-post the RICKY WILDE version of "I Am an Astronaut" from 1972. Ricky "sang" this tune when he was just ten years old, and it cracks me up every time I hear it. He also happens to be the little brother of KIM WILDE, who would become famous in the '80s for "You Keep Me Hangin' On."

[MP3] Snow Patrol/"I Am an Astronaut"

[MP3] Belle and Sebastian/"The Monkeys Are Breaking Out the Zoo"


[MP3] Ricky Wilde/"I Am an Astronaut"


qwendolyn said...

Wait, did Ricky Wilde play guitar on that track?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could update (re-upload) the Ricky Wilde song? It has expired, and I'd really like to hear it again, but has been unable to find it anywhere!