Wednesday, December 13


ROSIE THOMAS is a young singer-songwriter who has made a lot of friends, traveled a lot of miles, and recorded a lot of music in a very short amount of time.

A couple of those friends? DAMIEN JURADO and SUFJAN STEVENS. The travel? Starting in Detroit, she moved to New York City and now resides in Seattle. The music? Well... she just released her fourth album in four years (THESE FRIENDS OF MINE) today on the Internet.

On this latest effort, Ms. THOMAS collaborates with songwriter DENISON WITMER and the aforementioned Mr. STEVENS on a low-key song cycle that shines brightest in its quietest moments. The fragile lullabies "Kite Song" and "Paper Doll" are prime examples of this, while the more exuberant closing title track hints at the casual nature of the recording sessions and the interplay between the musicians. Gentle acoustic guitars and piano are the norm here, with the occasional swell of understated strings helping to keep things from getting too stark and insular.

You can purchase THESE FRIENDS OF MINE at eMUSIC,
RHAPSODY, or iTUNES. Physical copies will be available for sale in March of '07 through Nettwerk Records.


[MP3] "Kite Song"

[MP3] "These Friends of Mine"

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